My candle business began with my love of candles. The vibrant colors of the flame, the beautiful aroma and the serenity it offers. What I didn’t like about burning traditional candles is the black soot and toxins it releases into the air. So I set out to find a way that I can create a beautiful clean burning candle. I also wanted a candle that was safe to burn as well affordable. Since I support American made, it was important to me that my candles be 100% made in America as well. I am an old soul at heart; I love antiques and the simplicity of a time long ago.. So after many trails and tribulations I have found the perfect combination of 100% Soy wax, safe burning wicks and wonderful oils. My candles are also dye free, making them vegan friendly as well as additive free. When you burn my candle you can be sure that you are burning a candle that is hand crafted and clean burning. I hand pour my candles in small batches to ensure the highest quality is obtained.

Having two teenage daughters that are quick witted, creative and funny I started to put their cute little quotes on the candles as gifts for friends and family. Well that was the beginning of a wonderful world of silly, inspirational and humorous quotes. As I grew the company from family and friends into boutique shops and now wholesale, I have had the privilege of working with many great artists. There beautiful art work combined with my creativity has produced beautiful designs. It seems that every day I come across a quote that is perfect on a candle. If you have your own favorite quote and would like to see it on a candle please contact me. I would happy to design something for your special customers. Together we can bring the joy of quote and a clean burning candle into the homes of our friends and family. I look forward to working with you all!

Oh Joy It’s Soy!


Candles and Quotes

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